Downtown London - Downtown London

London Downtown Business Association Board

Established in the 1970s, LDBA looks after the concerns and interests of our current merchants. Broadly, our programming improves and enhances Downtown London through beautification, lobbying, and event sponsorship. In addition, LDBA is responsible for marketing Downtown London as London’s most exciting and diverse neighbourhood. 

Gerald Gallacher

Nicholson Sheffield Architects (LDBA President)

Bob Usher

covent garden market

Lori Da Silva

london convention centre

Kathy Navackas

London fringe

David Kirwin

Kirwin fryday medcalf lawyers

Dennis Winkler

Winks Eatery

John Fyfe-Millar

pinpoint publications (Treasurer)

Brahm Wiseman

heroes comics and collectibles

Stephen Lehman

Life Styles, iN Fashion, JAS Shoes

Deb Harvey

The grand theatre

Sandy Weir

Smooth Wax Bar

Carolyn Young

Western University
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