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Did you know …? 

  • From York to Queens Ave and from Ridout to Waterloo on-Street Metered parking is FREE  after 6pm Monday to Friday; On-Street Metered Parking is FREE for 2 Hours on Saturdays and On-Street metered Parking is free all day on Sundays? Make sure you are within York Street and Queens Avenue, and Ridout Street and Wellington Street.  Take special note that these special rates do not extend down Richmond Street past Queens Ave.


  • Several Downtown London merchants validate parking - ask your favourites if they do!


  • Be sure to always look for the signs that tell you where and when you can park!

Click here for a detailed map of municipal public parking locations.  If your municipal  meter is faulty or not working stay parked at the meter and take the time you intended to pay for, up to the maximum time allowed,( which will be posted). Record the meter number, which is posted on the meter and phone our office to report the problem, our number is posted on the meter. The only time you cannot stay at a faulty meter is if it happens to be a meter which will turn into a “No Stopping” route between specific times to accommodate the extra flow of traffic. 

Click here to find out about the City of London’s parking regulations

Check out our map to see where all the private lots are located - they are marked with a P - rates vary

Parking with Impark?

Parker Pete - Motorist Assistance Program

The Parker Pete motorist assist program is available when parking at select Impark lots where the Parker Pete sign is displayed. This program provides timely service response to Impark customers needing help with their vehicle while using our facilities.  Should you need assistance, simply call us toll-free at1-877-771-PETE (7383) – or the number as posted on the lot. All calls received will be coordinated by our staff – with service performed by an authorized third-party.

The Parker Pete program offers the following complimentary services to Impark customers:

  • Need fuel? 
  • Keys locked in vehicle?
  • Dead battery?
  • Flat tire?
  • Need a tow*?

* If a Tow is required, Impark will arrange the tow; however, the cost will be borne by the customer

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