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April 2015

  • @ The Barre ¬≠celebrates grand opening downtown!

    April 16, 2015

    @ The Barre ­celebrates grand opening downtown!

    Please welcome a new local downtown business! 
    New to Downtown London, "@ The Barre ­Pilates," barre & fitness studio is hosting their Grand Opening the weekend of April 24­-26. Each day the studio will be offering free thirty-minute classes, gifts for the first ten people through the door each day, gifts with purchase and an opportunity to enter to win with each purchase the grand prize worth over $400. Special guests during the weekend include; Smooth Wax Bar, providing free brow waxing each day. On Friday and Sunday, Elizabeth Farr from Face of Hope All Natural Skin Care will be present to guide you through the application and benefits of her skin care line. And on Sunday come in for a free 10 minute Shiatsu treatment from Kate Wilson. This weekend will also be tax free for all purchases. 
    Owner Kristy LeBlanc has been teaching Pilates for over 5 years and a client for 13 years. She came to this career late in life. Originally she took the training to improve her own physical fitness, not to become a full time instructor. When things changed in her professional life, becoming a full time instructor just made sense ­ she took her hobby and made it her career. Kristy is a fully certified Stott Pilates Instructor and has successfully completed training in Barre, Injuries and Special Populations, Level 1 Yoga, and Functional Biomechanics. 
    @ The Barre ­ PIlates, Barre & Fitness Studio is focused on providing clients a warm and welcoming environment free of judgment. They focus on making every class fun and interactive. Clients range in age from 20 to 70+. Focus is not on pushing your body to extremes or weight loss, but losing weight can be a nice side effect. Their philosophy on fitness is that you should exercise to service your body. Provide yourself with strength and support to keep your body working for you. Most classes are intended for multi­levels. Clients are encouraged to take breaks and let the instructor know when something doesn’t “feel right”. As Kristy says, “there is a solution to every problem, it is my job to help you achieve your goals safely”. 
    This a fully functioning Pilates Studio complete with five Reformers. They offer group classes in Barre, YogiBarre, Reformer, CardioTramp and Matwork. Private and Semi­Private sessions are also available for those interested in a personal, tailor­made workout. This is great for people with limitations and injuries. 
    Pilates focuses on a mind­body connection, using imagery, verbal cues and tactile cues to help you achieve the most out of your workout. Everything you do in a Pilates class can and should be used in other fitness activities you participate in to ensure you do them safely. Pilates is a great way to tone, strengthen and improve flexibility. 
    Bare, just like Pilates has been around for years and is just starting to be used in mainstream fitness. The traditional Barre has been practiced by Ballerinas to keep fit and warm up before rehearsal. This workout has been adapted so all can benefit from the fat burning results. Kristy has travelled to New York, Vancouver and Toronto researching Barre. The classes @ The Barre are slightly different each time you come. They have a few routines that they rotate through, however they work to make minor changes within each routine to ensure you don’t get bored. You don’t need to be a dancer, flexible or even have rhythm to enjoy and see results from a Barre class. 
    To secure a spot in the free classes during their open house, participants are encouraged to book into classes online. Visit their website at and click on “Schedule & Online Booking” 
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