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February 2018

  • Apply to be a SuperGuide!

    February 6, 2018

    Apply to be a SuperGuide!




    The modern millennial we’re looking for:

    Is an excellent communicator;


    Likes helping others;


    Problem solves like a boss;


    Is outgoing and personable;


    Has a strong ability to think on their feet;


    Likes to perform or entertain.



    About the gig

    This role provides positive and knowledgeable assistance regarding Downtown London to businesses, residents, patrons and visitors by leading by example - you are the voice of downtown by beingdowntown.


    Looking for students returning to postsecondary interested in full time (37.5 hrs / week) work from May 1 - August 24th, 2018.  There are five positions available so tell your friends!


    You’re as excited to work in a team environment as you are to rock late night shawarma.


    This is not a typical 9-5 job. SuperGuides attend weekend festivals, special events on holidays, and work evenings when downtown is rocking.


    You’re passionate about being a champion and making meaningful connections. This position requires initiative, creativity and the desire to go above and beyond, every day.



    Key responsibilities include:

    Creating content for social media;


    Merchant relations;


    Collecting database information;


    Activating outdoor public spaces.



    Skills and Expertise

    Student status returning to post-secondary in the fall;


    Ideally, your area of study is Hospitality, Tourism, Public Relations, Customer Service, Performing Arts, or Community Services;


    You’re up for the (physical) challenge, and can walk up to eight hours a day. No rain check here! All weather conditions. You are outside all summer.


    Extensive knowledge of Downtown London;


    Fluency in other languages is extra-awesome;


    Team player, but works well individually too with minimal supervision;


    Flexible schedule to work shifts, including evenings, frequent weekends and holidays (that’s when Downtown London is at it’s best!).


    BONUS POINTS for a hidden talent. Can you juggle? Play the recorder? Dance the fandango?



    I’m in! How do I apply?

    Please submit a cover letter and resume via email to Lisa Thomas ( Be creative, and convince us why you would make the best SuperGuide everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


     Close Date: March 5, 2018





    About Downtown London

    Downtown London works to improve the experience of existing downtown merchants and organizations, and also to attract new and exciting businesses and investors to downtown London. For more information about us, please refer to our website,



    About SuperGuides

    The SuperGuide Program is a customer service, public relations, and marketing initiative designed to provide a welcoming presence to the streets of downtown London and act as a liaison between Downtown London and downtown merchants and organizations.  SuperGuides also provide another set of eyes and ears on the street to maintain the downtown database and inform various stakeholders of recent downtown developments.


    Check out SuperGuides on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @SuperGuides



    Insider Insights

    Here’s your chance to find out about this role from someone who’s been there, done that. We hope these insights help you better identify if this job is for you!




    It’s not a typical summer job, and I couldn’t be happier I did it.


    As a SuperGuide, you’re connecting with business owners, office workers, and visitors to London on a day-to-day basis. You help anyone who needs help. You answer any questions.  You work on a number of rewarding projects, and you interact with all types of people. It sounds simple but every day offers a different challenge and a different opportunity to engage with the downtown.

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