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July 2015

  • Business Spotlight: Pulp & Press Juice Co.

    July 7, 2015

    Business Spotlight: Pulp & Press Juice Co.


    Discover Pulp & Press Juice Co. downtown! 


    With an increase in farmers' markets, local and organic food options, it may come as a surprise to learn that many Canadians are still not consuming 50% of their recommended daily fresh fruits and vegetables. The Pulp and Press Juice Company, in downtown London is working to improve this statistic by offering a healthy beverage alternative to the caffeine consuming masses. Inspired by trends in raw food and dietary cleansings, business partners Christian Vemb and John Parlow jumped at the chance to bring the specialized, cold press juicing option to the London marketplace in early 2014.


    Pulp and Press is headquartered at 256 Central Avenue near Richmond Row, out of the main floor of a grand house built in 1888.  What has been responsible for birthing the cold pressed juice industry that barely existed ten years ago? The traditional image of “juicing” conjures up mountains of carrots, apples and spinach stacked high at home kitchen countertops. The produce then gets pulverized in high-speed blenders to render a bit of juice. This messy, time-consuming morning do-it-yourself ritual has left some home juice aficionados grateful for a quicker and less cumbersome alternative that Pulp and Press offers.


    Using a unique process, Pulp and Press extracts cold-pressed juice by squeezing the fruits and vegetables in a hydraulic press rather than chopping or blending them. What remains is a highly flavourful, non-oxidized and nutrient dense meal replacement. Pulp and Press packs three to four pounds of organic produce in every bottle. Even though prices of organic produce fluctuate week to week, the price of the juice remains constant starting at $8 a 16oz bottle. Delicious juices with names like Green Glow, Beta Blaster, Red Monster deliver a wallop to the body’s immune system, energy stores and tastebuds. The products are 100% organic, locally sourced, have no additives or sweeteners and is not water diluted.  The juice should be consumed within 4 days and must be kept refrigerated A wide array of ingredients such as beets, kale, hemp and ginger are offered.


    Business has been brisk. The downtown merchant is now distributing their products in many London and Toronto grocery stores, coffee shops and fitness facilities. The convenience factor of having a home delivery service right to the consumer’s door has enabled them to recently expand their business across Ontario.


    Pulp & Press has recently expanded their product offering to include a natural soap line. The soaps are made from dehydrated organic produce pulp and make a great compliment to a health cleanse where bodily toxins are sought to be eliminated.


    Instead of making nutrition an afterthought, Pulp and Press aspire to shift the Canadian consumer’s mindset to seek food as fuel. Forming the habit to feed the body nutrient rich beverages is one way to ensure we are getting our vitamins and minerals. 



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