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July 2016

  • Chaucer's Pub Introduces The 'BiblioPub' Celebrating London Authors

    July 11, 2016

    Chaucer's Pub Introduces The 'BiblioPub' Celebrating London Authors

    Patrons can experience the diverse and impressive range of local writers free of charge!


    Chaucer's Pub is launching a project to unite local authors and readers. After realizing how many published authors meet at Chaucer's to discuss the industry and literature in general, owner Jerry Pribil recognized the pub would be an ideal location to showcase their works, while offering a new and unique opportunity for patrons to discover the vast array of ta lent with in their midst.


    "Since the pub is named for Geoffrey Chaucer, one of the most famous English poets, it just seemed like a perfect f it," says Pribil. He adds, "We hope patrons will browse the offered selection, maybe bring one or two to their table and discuss them with friends, and then decide which they would like to take home and explore at their leisure."


    Pribil goes o n to note that it's all very casual. And he hopes to not only allow patrons the joy of discovering new talent, but to support the local authors who m he believes to be worthy of that discovery. He expects the library to grow over time as more local authors find out about the project, but at initiation, authors as James Shelley, Mark A . Rayner, Phronk, and calchayce have submitted offerings. There are about a score of authors to start with, with more having expressed interest. The Pub, the writers, and the public are all enthusiastic about this venture.



    About Chaucer's: Located in the former London Free Press building at 122 Carling Street in downtown London with its sister establishment, Marienbad Restaurant, the businesses have been in operation since 1974. Chaucer's, with its impressive fire place and Old World charm, is a comfortable old-fashioned pub known for its decor and friendly environment.


    The BiblioPub can be found at:

    Twitter @BiblioPubLdn and Facebook

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