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March 2015

  • March 4, 2015

    City announces new on-street parking initiative to help shoppers.

    Today the City of London announced a new on-street parking initiative designed to benefit shoppers parking downtown who purchase Pay n Display receipts. 
    Meter time may be purchased at any on-street Pay n Display parking meter downtown and used again at any on-street Pay n Display or individual meter downtown as long as the receipt has time remaining.  
    So for example, if you were to park outside the Covent Garden Market on King Street and pay for two hours at a Pay n Display, after an hour at the Market you could park on Richmond Row and shop for the remaining hour left on your receipt. 
    Please remember to alway display your receipt on your dashboard. Receipts purchased at master meters in off-street City parking lots cannot be used at on-street metered areas, and on-street receipts are not valid in off-street parking lots. 
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