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June 2018

  • Downtown fashion designer keeps smiling under pressure

    June 28, 2018

    Downtown fashion designer keeps smiling under pressure

    By Sean Meyer


    Richard Musah has always been fascinated with high-end fashion, which is why despite how stressed he is promoting his original clothing line, not to mention his year-old downtown store, he’s hard-pressed to drop the smile on his face.


    “Every single day I’m learning more,” Richard said. “It’s very challenging, but once I’m able to get a design, or find a good piece of fabric, it all puts a big smile on my face — especially when I see my clothes on one of my customers.


    As a computer science student at Fanshawe College, Richard found himself spending a lot of his money on clothing and suits.


    After graduation, he found a job at a high-end computer company and he was once again spending a lot of money on keeping up his appearance. Although some people would have chosen to keep hitting the high-end stores, he decided maybe it was time to start creating his own clothes.


    And so, he made a few shirts, a couple of suits, and people started taking notice. In fact, several people were telling him he should be turning his creations into his own business.


    Although he thought they were joking, he kept with it and despite the fact he was pretty much totally self-taught, he decided to take a leap of faith.


    Last September, he launched Richard’s Clothing Ltd. from his downtown shop at 3-57 York St.


    “I didn’t have any training; I just went all in for it,” he said. “I really love designing, sketching, drawing, I love sewing, which I have a lot of skill in. I would love to learn more. I know there is a lot more knowledge out there.”


    Richard said his goal with the business is to give London “a little taste of my sense of fashion,” which makes sense given his motto is to provide people with “really nice, high-end clothing at a reasonable price.”


    As one might expect, that goal requires a lot of effort.


    Working nine hours a day in the store isn’t even the end of a typical day.


    After work, he heads to his own office to start with his latest designs. His personal notepads and sketchbooks now contain some 20,000 pages of material.


    Sometimes his designs don’t work out how he envisions and so he has to start all over.


    The results of that is working some 50 hours per week, which while stressful is also pretty much right where he wants to be.


    After all, his designs are all crafted to bring the store’s motto to life.


    “I like to see a gentleman looking good for any occasion,” he explains. “A wedding, a birthday, a work event, you can wear what you want just taking your kids to daycare, I just like the idea of good clothing at a reasonable price.”


    As busy as he is, Richard’s down time is pretty much reserved exclusively for spending time with his four kids — his oldest being 12 while his youngest is just five years old.


    But even so, once the kids are in bed, or at school, he’s back into work mode, which he accepts because he has lofty goals for Richard’s Clothing Ltd.


    “I really love to push this brand out,” he said. “Richard’s is a brand I want people in Toronto, in Vancouver, in PEI, to know that if you see someone wearing the brand, I want them to know right away how good it is and that it was created in London.”


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