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September 2014

  • Driven to Abstraction at The ARTS Project

    September 8, 2014

    Driven to Abstraction at The ARTS Project

    Driven to Abstraction
    September 9-20
    Opening Reception Thursday September 11, 6-9pm

    Driven to Abstraction is an exhibition of abstract work by 15 area artists. Each artist has developed their own style in choosing abstract rather than representational work, and has their own reasons for this choice at this time. For some, abstraction is a small part of their overall artistic endeavours, and others have always preferred to create abstract work.

    The name of the show, driven to abstraction, expresses that many artists have explored various genres and found their way to abstract work as their best way at present to express their artistic ideas. Ask any of the artists participating in this show, and you will likely get entirely different responses about their own artistic paths.

    The artists are: Sarah Cowling, Heather Crocker, Pat Curtis, Ron Dayment, Diane Dobson, Don Earle, Dawn Johnston, Debra Kubu, Barbara Landstreet, S’ine Maule, Wendy Reid, Susan Shurish, Rowena Spersrud, Suzette Terry and Mary Louise White. Collectively, we invite you to enjoy and ponder the work, and to question and discuss with the artists and each other at the opening Thursday, September 11, 6 to 9 pm.

    Visit the Driven to Abstraction Facebook page for even more information:

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