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April 2018

  • Dundas Place Construction Begins

    April 12, 2018

    Dundas Place Construction Begins


    A flexible street is a space shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.



    London's new flexible street, Dundas Place, will be a four block curbless space allowing pedestrians to navigate from side to side with ease. Dundas Place can be closed to vehicular traffic and activated with events to draw visitors to explore the space and the community. It has been designed to accommodate vehicles and will remain open to two-way traffic whenever the space is not being used for an event or activity.



    Construction of Dundas Place will be completed over two years in two phases. Phase One construction from Ridout Street to just east of Richmond Street starts in Spring of 2018 and ends in Fall/Winter of 2018. Phase two construction from Richmond Street to Wellington Street is planned to start in Spring of 2019 and end in Winter of 2019.



    Once transformed, Dundas Place will offer a premiere venue that is both convenient and connected. Lighting, seating, flexible loading zones and ease of access to utilities will provide an integrated and unique platform to host festivals, concerts or day-to-day activities throughout the year.



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