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February 2017

  • Executive Education Opportunity for Members

    February 2, 2017

    Executive Education Opportunity for Members

    Downtown London has an opportunity to send three downtown business owners to an upcoming program offered by Ivey Business School Executive Education. The program is called Understanding Your Customer: From Insight to Action. In this program, participants learn how to:

    ·       Improve your understanding of how customers link with your marketing strategy;

    ·       Connect more effectively with customers;

    ·       Better understand how customers interact with your organization; and

    ·       Learn how to turn data and information into insight and executable strategies.


    This three-day intensive program is valued at $2,500 CDN. Thanks to a generous scholarship from StarTech, our cost to send participants is significantly reduced and Downtown London will be subsidizing the majority of the remaining participant costs. The program includes all materials, meals and accommodations at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre in London. The goal of the program is to improve your ability to reach new customers and build deeper relationships with existing customers to drive growth in your business. You can find more information about the program on the Ivey website:  Understanding Your Customer


    Dates for this program:  March 8-10, 2017


    Your investment:

    ·       $100; and

    ·       100% of your time and attendance for the three days and two evenings of the program. There are evening group work sessions that require your participation, and you are expected to stay in their facility overnight.

    This is an important investment in the future of your business. If you are interested in attending and will fully commit to three days and two evenings, we want to hear from you by Wednesday, February 15.


    To help us select three people to attend, we ask you to answer the following questions:

    1. How do you currently align your marketing strategy and plan with your customers’ needs and expectations?


    2. What challenges do you currently have in connecting with existing customers and potential new customers?


    3. How much do you know about your customers? (e.g. where they live, where they work, what they expect from you, and why they do business with you)


    4. How do customers currently interact with your business? (e.g. social media, in-person visits, telephone, email, and so on)


    5. How would you use what you learn in this program to achieve stronger results in your business?


    In 2016, two downtown business owners attended the program and gained helpful insights from participating in this experience. If you are all in and want to be considered for this great learning opportunity, please send your answers to the five questions to


    If you have questions, email or call Kathy at 519.432.9816. We are very excited about this program and appreciate your feedback about any education needs you have.

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