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August 2014

  • Fanshawe/Kingsmill's UPDATE

    August 27, 2014

    Fanshawe/Kingsmill's UPDATE

    The City's corporate services committee voted 3-2 yesterday, August 26th, to recommend a new request of $9 million for the Fanshawe project.

    In favor: Mayor Joni Baechler, Judy Bryant, Harold Usher.

    Against: Bud Polhill, Joe Swan.

    Downtown London would like to express their gratitude to the many merchants and business owners who joined us in the Council Chambers gallery for the meeting and to everyone who has contacted us this month to express their support of the proposal. 

    The proposal now goes to City Council on Tuesday, September 2nd. It requires a majority to pass. The meeting begins at 4pm and the gallery on the third floor will be open. 

    In July, Council voted 7-7 on a motion to give Fanshawe an additional $10 million to bring 1600 students downtown. Tie votes are recorded as motions lost.

    In favor then: Mayor Baechler, Russ Monteith, Nancy Branscombe, Matt Brown, Paul Hubert, Harold Usher, Judy Bryant.

    Against: Bud Polhill, Bill Armstrong, Joe Swan, Stephen Orser, Paul Van Meerbergen, Denise Brown, Sandy White.

    Absent: Dale Henderson.

    Please contact City Council to express your views about the possible expansion of the Fanshawe campus downtown. Here is how you can contact City Council.

    Not sure what Ward you live in? Check here.

    We hope to see you on September 2nd.

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