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November 2014

  • Kingmill’s windows decorated by Fanshawe students for the Holidays.

    November 18, 2014

    Kingmill’s windows decorated by Fanshawe students for the Holidays.

    Inspired by downtown’s past. Celebrating downtown’s future.

    This holiday season, Downtown London is excited to be collaborating with the Kingsmill family and Fanshawe College to fill the windows of Kingsmill’s at 130 Dundas Street with holiday merchandise provided by downtown merchants.

    “These windows will be a destination downtown and are inspired by the holiday windows Kingsmill’s had decorated for many years,” says Janette MacDonald, Executive Director of Downtown London. “Now we have the opportunity to decorate them one last time. These holiday windows are a symbolic passing of the torch from Kingsmill’s to small businesses downtown as we begin an exciting new chapter on Dundas Street.“

    Additionally, Fanshawe students from the fashion and merchandising program are decorating the windows. Men’s and women’s clothing, toys, furniture, kitchenware, and more are on display. Most of the merchandise is inspired by what Kingsmill’s had carried in the department store, but also showcases what makes each merchant unique.


    The windows will be decorated from November 17th until the New Year.  More than 20 different merchants are contributing merchandise to the windows. 




    Bikini Paradise, 184 Dundas Street, (519) 438-2643

    David E. White Men’s Emporium, 171 Queens Avenue, (519) 432-3937

    Harmony by Earthwinds, 525 Richmond Street, (519) 601-1024

    JackPot Vintage, 122 Dundas Street, (226) 700-0291

    Leslie’s Clothing, 551 Richmond Street, (519) 679-1030

    Renegade, 232 Dundas Street, (519) 432-2212

    Ryce Fashion Design, 495 Richmond Street, (519) 473-8088

    The Sentimentalist, 394 Richmond Street, (519) 854-7976

    Seychelles Swimwear, 621 Richmond Street, (519) 601-2213



    Coakleys, 57 York Street Unit #2, (519) 439-6868

    Runners’ Choice, 207 Dundas Street, (519) 672-5928



    Jill’s Table, 115 King Street,(519) 645-1335


    Home furnishings:

    Operation Magpie, 82A York Street, (519) 601-1663

    Quantum, 487 Richmond Street, (519) 438-5944


    Toys and gifts:

    Attic Books, 240 Dundas Street, (519) 432-7277

    City Light’s Bookshop, 356 Richmond Street, (519) 679-8420

    Grooves Record Store, 353 Clarence Street, (519) 640-6714

    Heroes, 186 Dundas Street, (519) 439-4955

    Jonathon’s, 258 Dundas Street, (519) 434-5443

    Über Cool Stuff, 123 Carling Street, (519) 701-1271

    U Salon, 14 Covent Market Place, (519) 850-5044


    Downtown London would like to thank Fanshawe College and the Kingsmill family for working with us on this exciting project. Particularly, we would like to extend our appreciation to the Fanshawe students from the fashion merchandising program who decorated the windows. Their eagerness, skill, and professionalism made the project possible. 

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