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June 2013

  • London Fringe Theatre Festival Outbreaks

    June 5, 2013

    London Fringe Theatre Festival Outbreaks

    The London Fringe Theatre Festival returns to downtown this summer to promote the production and prosperity of independent artists.
    This year’s festival includes many special events. Theatre companies from London, across the country, and around the world will be here to amuse, delight and entertain Londoners. The creative and artistic talents off 35 visual artists will also be part of Visual Fringe this year. Backer Buttons can be purchased at the Fringe Office (515 Richmond Street, Unit 9) or at any of the Fringe venues during the festival. Everyone must purchase a BackerButton to see the shows.
    The Fringe Festival takes place between June 5 and June 16 downtown. For more information on the Fringe schedule and venues, visit

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