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June 2016

  • London Girls Rock Camp returns!

    June 21, 2016

    London Girls Rock Camp returns!

    After a wildly successful initial year, the team at London Girls Rock Camp are at it again. Hosted at the Fanshawe Campus for Digital and Performing Arts, the initiative will be running THREE weeks of camp, including a Co-ed week.
    Starting the week of July 4th, campers ages 8-15 will be learning how to play an instrument (likely for the first time), write their own music, play in a band, make their own merchandise and host their own concert. With a focus on empowerment, confidence building and friendship, London Girls Rock Camp is proud of the campers who graduated last summer with new skills and friends and is looking forward to some new and familiar faces!
    In addition, LGRC is excited to be offering a CO-ED session this summer for boys and girls ages 9-13. After hosting a co-ed workshop over the holidays, the team recognized the collaboration of boys and girls is equally important. The co-ed session will foster a healthy mutual respect between all genders in the music community.
    “We realized it’s important for us to offer a week for all genders because everyone deserves to have this type of programming” says Savanah Sewell, Camp Director. “Learning how to co-exist and play together is an important part of any music community and we want to do our part by empowering kids in general, to pick up an instrument and start a band.”
    Camp is run by an all female team who are musicians and industry contributors. There are still spots available during the three weeks. In keeping with inclusivity, the organizers are offering financial assistance for families who can’t afford the full amount of the week long program.
    More information can be found at:
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