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July 2013

  • London L.A.W.N. and our New Mobile Site - A Perfect Pair!

    July 22, 2013

    London L.A.W.N. and our New Mobile Site - A Perfect Pair!

    Downtown London has improved the functionality of our mobile website by incorporating GPS features.

    Now when Londoners and visitors to the city are downtown, not only can they access free Wi-Fi on Canada’s largest downtown network The London Area Wireless Network (LAWN), they can pin point their location on their mobile device and receive recommendations of what is nearby downtown. Directions, phone numbers, and website links can all be found along with downtown recommendations.

    Londoner’s can now easily find dinning, entertainment and clubs, retail, tourism and attractions, services, and parking opportunities downtown.

    The mobile website is designed to improve and promote the downtown experience by offering accessible and reliable waypoint finding downtown. With a smartphone, Londoners can navigate the core and experience new businesses and restaurants with improved ease.

    Are you looking to spend the afternoon shopping with friends and enjoying dinner together downtown? Now can help you plan your route on your mobile device by pinpointing your location with GPS, and making personalized recommendations of downtown businesses closest to your location that best meet your needs.

    Try it out today!

    It is now easier than ever to find where you are and where you are going downtown.

    Perfect for Londoners, students, and visitors to the city, the Downtown London mobile site can be accessed by visiting on your smartphone. 

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