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July 2015

  • New Available Space for Live Arts Opens in Downtown London

    July 29, 2015

    New Available Space for Live Arts Opens in Downtown London

    Elevation Arts Venue is a community group working with visual, performance, and music artists by providing and curating inclusive, multi-­purpose venues. This group behind the newly formed community group “Elevation Arts Venue” committed themselves to making a difference in the local arts industry through working with local artists and curating all-inclusive, multi-purpose venues in the city. 


    Elevation Arts Venue were contacted by LAVISH Night Club, a seven-­year-­old establishment at 238 Dundas Street in London, about expanding their programming throughout the week. Through the Elevation Arts Venue, groups or individuals may book the space at 238 Dundas at low rates through a simplified process.


    To kick-off this innovative idea for growth within the local arts industry, Elevation Arts Venue are hosting  a group arts show at 238 Dundas, showcasing what the venue can provide to prospective groups and displaying artwork from some of London’s most well known artists.


    "We’re opening this space up, not just to artists, but to everyone. We are a venue that caters to all crowds and we believe that our distinct space is something all Londoners should enjoy and experience," said Greg Midgley, the Marketing and Communications director at LAVISH Night Club. "I believe it’s important to support the arts, especially here in this city because Londoners should continue to embrace diversity and appreciate alternative tastes.”


    From the fine art of Steve Tracy to the urban styles of Brad Biederman, and reaching out to London-­based artists who are working abroad in Korea (Justin Thomas) and the Dominican Republic (Samantha Chilvers), the first in a series of group shows features something for all Londoners to enjoy at no cost.


    “It gives local artists a chance to share work in a gallery setting,” said artist and show participant, Darryn Rae, “Having a gallery space that brings together artists in the community really helps your art to be seen.”


    For more details, to book the space or to purchase the show’s artwork online, visit:



    Event details: 

    Elevation -­ a group arts show -­ Presented by Elevation Arts Venue & Lavish Night Club

    Showcasing 15 London artists in the newly available, inclusive arts venue 238 Dundas Street (click here for a map) Parking available at Citi Plaza Thursday August 6, 2015        5:00pm -­ 12:00am (midnight)

    Free admission, all ages welcome

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