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October 2014

  • Behind the scenes at Begos downtown!

    October 24, 2014

    Behind the scenes at Begos downtown!

    When Ivette Calderon opened the Mexican-themed Begos this summer downtown, she was following a family tradition. Her mother, Diana Calderon, created Begos in Mexico and has expanded the restaurant into four locations. Now London welcomes its own Begos!  Located next to Fanshawe’s Centre for Digital and Performance Arts, Begos bakes its self-titled snack; Begos! A Begos is like a Mexican panzerotti. It is a stuffed sandwich filled with a combination of ingredients. There is a pepperoni Begos, a Hawaian, a meat-lovers, the list goes on. The recipe was created by Ivette’s mother when Ivette was young. What started as a family snack has transformed into now five restaurants.  Also on the menu are salads, tacos and churros which are popular with students and downtown office workers.  To celebrate the launch of Begos' new Canadian Downtown London was invited to learn how a Begos is made! Early on a Tuesday morning, Ivette is in the restaurant preparing for the lunch rush and making the homemade dough recipe that her mother and her have perfected. Click here to see all the photos!

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