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September 2018

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  • High fashion, business success found at Elizabeth Noel

    September 4, 2018

    High fashion, business success found at Elizabeth Noel

      By Sean Meyer   From practically from the first moment she walked through the doors in 1987, Veronica Hosszu admits to being captivated by the Elizabeth Noel Ltd. clothing shop.   Given she got a job in the store just a few days after walking in for the first time — never mind purchasing the business some five years later — one could make the case she’s never really left.   That said, her first visit remains memorable even more than three decades later.   “I broke every rule for hiring Liz said she had. I walked in on a Saturday, in jeans, she hated people in jeans, and asked for a job on a Saturday, which is your busiest day in retail. Two or three days later I followed up and she said I could come in and try,” Veronica recalls. “I joked with her sometimes about what I was going to do when I bought the store. Then one day, at Christmas time, she said I can’t smile at another person, either you take over or I’m closing the store. I said OK. I should have had my head examined, but 30 years later, here I am.”   Although the shop is coming up on its 50thanniversary next February, today the Elizabeth Noel is home to the latest prom, graduation, evening, and cocktail dresses and gowns.   Veronica is quick to credit Elizabeth herself for providing “a good anchor” for the success she continues to have today.   Her business philosophy is somewhat simple and comes from trying to always know what her clients want (although she admits to rarely remembering their names, she almost always remembers their order) and not being afraid to change with the times.    In fairness, Elizabeth Noel has developed into something of a “destination store.” Veronica even jokes sometimes if she moved the store into her garage, people would come because of what the shop sells.   Of course, changing things up isn’t just a business philosophy.   “Change is as good as a rest,” Veronica said. “We’re always trying to stay on top of trends, trying to evolve, trying to make it interesting for me, which makes coming to work happiness and sunshine. It keeps my interest up.”   It’s a good thing Veronica is so passionate about her business as she admits to having a real problem actually disconnecting from it.   In fact, pretty much the only way she can do so is by leaving the country.   For example, she took her son Cooper, 18, on a trip to Italy and France after he graduated high school.   “One of the perks of this business is everything has to be bought on credit card, so I have Airmiles out the gazoo,” she said. “We went to Italy and France together, just the two of us. My thing is antiques, so I like to go to places with incredible antiques.”   When she isn’t travelling the globe, Veronica does stick fairly close to home.   That comes in handy given she’s constantly on the lookout for her next great antique discovery.   That said, Veronica is also thinking about what comes next in her life should the time come to walk away from the store for good.   “I bought the store when I was 23. If someone would want this lifestyle, I’m always open to someone being interested. Shauni (store manager Shauni Shelly) has been interested,” she said. “My husband is an avid golfer, so if we move to a warmer location, we might open a second shop. Who knows?”   For more information, visit 

  • Black Walnut’s neighbourhood feel shines downtown

    September 5, 2018

    Black Walnut’s neighbourhood feel shines downtown

      By Sean Meyer   In just a few years, The Black Walnut has established itself as something of a destination spot for Londoners looking for organic, fair trade coffees and teas, tasty baked goods and other daily favourites.   The average London coffee lover could...

  • Moksha Yoga revels in its place as a downtown fixture

    September 18, 2018

    Moksha Yoga revels in its place as a downtown fixture

      By Sean Meyer   Hot yoga — as the name suggests — offers the benefits of traditional yoga, but in a specially heated room with the resulting workout strengthening, toning and loosening the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress.   When...

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