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October 2014

  • Studio b. fitness club opens in downtown London

    October 24, 2014

    Studio b. fitness club opens in downtown London

    Bailey Hart is bringing her 6 years of fitness and health coaching experience to downtown London. She has transformed what used to be a storage unit at the back of 175 Dundas Street into a 1,600 square foot gym!

    Studio b. - Private Fitness Club
     offers private personal fitness coaching, precision nutrition educational coaching, women's fitness camps, and cupboard clean out programs.

    The studio also features Hart’s own creation, an indoor horizontal rock climbing wall.

    "I take a multi dimensional approach to fitness and health, including all varieties of exercise,” says Hart. “This is a great way to introduce beginners to fitness because it helps me recognize what my clients really enjoy and I expand off their interests."

    Hart is also excited to offer aerial yoga at the studio. Clients are taught how to perform yoga poses with the use of hammocks hung from the ceiling.

    The space has an incredible urban feel to it after being restored. Hart has painted other walls in the studio with chalkboard paint where clients can writes motivational quotes for themselves. The perimeter of the gym is also lined with a number of plants. The original wooden subfloor has been exposed and preserved, and the air ducts on the ceiling have been painted and cleaned. 

    “The studio is very Zen,” says Hart. “It is meant to be relaxing and approachable while still having a lot of character to it. It’s meant to be an experience.” 

    Studio b. is located at the back of 175 Dundas Street on the ground floor, but can be reached by following the alley on King Street between Massey’s Fine Indian Cuisine and 186 King Street. 

    See the transformation for yourself! Contact Bailey at for more information.

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