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January 2015

  • The Cardboard Café opens in downtown London!

    January 16, 2015

    The Cardboard Café opens in downtown London!

    Welcome downtown The Cardboard Café!

    Just steps from Budweiser Gardens, the Covent Garden Market, and Fanshawe College, The Cardboard Café has opened at 114 Dundas Street.


    Customers can visit to play board games while enjoying their coffee, pastries, or a number of other yummy things on the menu.


    From traditional board games we all grew up with to fun and crazy party games all the way up to the latest European strategy games and everything in-between, there is something for everyone. Staff are knowledgeable and courteous and are happy to teach you and your group how to play. This saves you time from having to flip through long rulebooks and allows you to get playing right away.


    The café is relaxing, casual, and fun. Customers can come in for a quick coffee and a game of cards or trivia, or hangout and play games for a couple of hours with friends and family. Any size of group is welcome. The café colour codes games for two players and for large groups and personally helps you find the perfect game for your date or party.


    The menu at The Cardboard Café is a gamer’s dream. You can simply snack on bowls of candy and chips, or grab lunch or dinner with a gourmet grilled panini sandwich. There are also tasty pastries and baked goods ready to order.


    The coffee is roasted by the Pilot Coffee Roasters in Toronto. Espressos, teas, and hot chocolate are also available. The Cardboard Café makes specialty coffee beverages prepared by trained baristas. Their latte art is impressive and will put a smile on your face.


    If coffee is not your thing during a competitive game of Risk, Monopoly, or Settlers of Catan, The Cardboard Café also serves local craft beer.


    There are a number of game events at the café including learn-to-play nights and tournaments to new game pre-releases and game designer nights. Visit their website and follow the café on Facebook and Twitter for event updates.


    SUNDAY: 12pm – 7pm


    TUESDAY:  5pm – Midnight

    WEDNESDAY:  5pm – Midnight

    THURSDAY:  5pm – Midnight

    FRIDAY:  5pm – Midnight

    SATURDAY: 12pm – Midnight

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