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April 2017

  • April 21, 2017

    Upcoming Rapid Transit Survey

    Dear Downtown London members,
    City Council is scheduled to meet on May 16 to consider staff recommendations regarding Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routing, and Downtown London is committed to ensuring that the views of our membership are before them as they make their decision.
    To that end, we are excited to be working with Insights, a local marketing research company, to conduct a professional survey of our entire membership. Our Board has told Insights that the main objective of the survey is to get the opinions of our members regarding the proposed routing options for BRT; we also want to know how our members feel about rapid transit for London, in general.
    The survey will be done online; next week, you will receive an invitation by email inviting your participation. This invitation will be from Insights and the subject line will be Your invitation to participate in Downtown London's transit survey.
    Insights is a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and abides by the highest industry standards when it comes to preserving respondent confidentiality and privacy. We will not know who, specifically , responded and your individual responses will not be shared with us. We will receive a report showing the overall response rate and results will be presented in aggregate form.
    BRT is an extremely important issue for downtown businesses and for all of London. Time is tight and we need our members to respond to the survey as soon as they receive their invitation. We want to ensure that we have the opinions of as many of our members as possible!
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please contact me directly at Gerald, the Board and I thank you in advance for your participation.
    Best regards,
    Janette MacDonald
    CEO and General Manager
    Downtown London
    Gerald Gallacher
    Chair, LDBA Board
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