There are 3 Upcoming Shows happening! Doors open 10am to 3pm from Monday to Friday.

Bishop & Sloggett ” Abstracts with a Panache Punch” Oct 12th- 29th

Val Sloggett and Bishop are somewhat unique being a married London couple, painting abstracts and both with works in London, Montreal and Toronto Galleries. Sloggett’s abstracts can range from hard edged to expressionist forms and Bishop’s are mostly expressionist. Bishop and Sloggett say some basic principles of painting abstractionist works apply to the viewer as well. “Trust your instincts, believe in the integrity of the painted surface, don’t look for a literal story and just let the painting speak for itself.” Keeping these thoughts in mind, “makes abstract art stimulating to paint, view and understand.”

Robin Baratta “Disappearing Landscapes” Oct 12th- Oct 29th

I’m an artist. I was born that way.Growing up in a blue collar environment, I was a bit of a mystery to my family, and discouraged from wasting time ‘playing’ at art. I did take art at Beck as one of Mary Redkop’s art home room crew, but in spite of her encouragement I took the route expected by my background and ‘got a job’.I spent many years desperately unhappy, trying to fit into a box that was too small for my wings.  Art kept finding ways to leak into the box. Every piece of paper was anointed, I’d embarrass my family at restaurants, drawing portraits on napkins, and giving them to the unsuspecting subjects. I found every excuse, to paint: murals on the walls of our house, the fence, the trailer, gifts for friends, etc. etc.With the encouragement of a friend I entered the Western Fair Fine Art Competition in 2004, and won. Taking that as a sign from above, I shed my box, took every workshop and lesson I could find, and the rest, as they say, is history. By 2011 I was working full time as an artist.Robin Baratta

Chris Allaway -Fabricated Art, Fabric Artist Oct 18th-29th

Chris enjoys spending time with nature, whether it’s hiking in the Georgian Bay area or in Banff and British Columbia, or just relaxing outdoors. It was not until working with fabric while learning to quilt, that she discovered she could create realistic scenes using small pieces of fabric. Chris has been working with fabric for approximately 10 years now, starting with small wall hangings and gradually teaching herself how to create realistic landscape art. When viewed from a distance Chris’ art looks like a painting, people are encouraged to come closer to see that is done with fabric. Most people are amazed when they realize it is all done with small pieces of fabric that are carefully layered, stitched and stretched on canvas. While there are several textile artists in the area Chris’ art is still considered unique in the way that it is done.