Doug Kirton “Recent Walks Alone” Exhibit Now OpenSeptember 17 – October 24, 2020
The gallery is open by appointment, typically in the gallery Wednesday – Saturday 11am pm.  Please make an appointment to view Doug Kirton’s exhibit in person. 

Our current Doug Kirton exhibition features new paintings inspired by the landscape of Laurel Creek in Waterloo.  Using photographs to trigger a sense of place, Kirton intentionally creates an image of reality, though abstracts the specificity of the landscape.  He begins each painting without any pre-conceived plan and allows the painting to evolve and develop naturally.

A true “painters painter”, Kirton is a master of both colour and paint.  Using thin layers that have been glazed and scraped, layered and woven, Kirton creates a surface that is both transparent and complex.  The image emerges through this complexity creating a smell of the muck of the mud, a feeling of the gentle breeze and the sight of dappling light on water.

The paintings are dreamlike, internal, comforting and provide a feeling of shelter, transporting us to another world.