In October, the Grand will launch its 2021-22 programming with an innovative Grand Re: Opening Festival. Four London artists – Summer Bressette, Richard Gracious, Alexandra Kane, and Mark Uhre – have been commissioned to create multi-layered events that will take many forms – from concerts to art installations, from readings to new plays and more.

“We have these beautiful, newly renovated spaces – clean and open canvasses – and so we’ve invited these four local artists to ‘come and play in our sandbox! Come and make art. Come and celebrate with us. We’re delighted to be working with them and seeing how they’ll fill the Grand with their brilliance.” – Megan Watson

For a total of 16 evenings of special events, each artist will make use of the various spaces throughout the Grand, from the Auburn Developments Stage to the Drewlo Lounge, from the BMO London Proud Floor to the Spriet Stage and throughout the main lobby – no space is off-limits to their imagination.

“We think this is a joyous way to welcome Londoners into our new spaces. A gorgeous new building with inspiring performers making art from top to bottom.” – Dennis Garnhum

For more information, visit the Grand Theatre’s website here.