It’s hard to pin down exactly what is it about the Toronto-born, JUNO award-nominated artist RALPH (Raffa Weyman) that has captured the devotion of fans across the country. Whether it’s her high-fashion yet effortlessly cool aesthetic, her irresistible blend of vintage pop and lush contemporary beats, or the raw honesty that comes through her ​lyricism, one thing is certain – there is a rarity about an artist such as RALPH.

With an emphasis on narrative songwriting and genre-bending musical style, RALPH has created a special role for herself within the contemporary music scene​; a sound that is catchy but cool, sexy but smart, edgy but evocative. She’s developed a soundscape that is uniquely her own, but what truly makes RALPH’s songs special is that they are ferociously honest and relatable. This finesse sent her hit track “Gravity” up the radio charts into the Top 20, followed by a JUNO award nomination for Dance Recording of the Year.


Toronto singer-songwriter Alex Porat is a magnetic force. With some of the freshest sounds of the moment, Alex is a brand new alt-pop artist with infectious and playful melodies, combined with unique, dreamy vocals. Her sound has been described as delicate and vulnerable, while relatable and youthful at the same time. Born in Malaysia with a Chinese-Polish background, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter has had stints in LA, New York, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Calgary, before finally settling in Toronto in 2012. With 150 million+ streams on YouTube and 950,000+ YouTube subscribers (and growing), her loyal following spans the globe, with fans all over North America, Europe, and Asia. To date, she’s amassed 70+ Million streams across Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. 

Her debut EP “Bad at Breakups” landed her on numerous playlists across all platforms and her music is garnering attention across the world, including catching the ear of an international heavy-hitter, Shawn Mendes. In May of 2018, she was featured in Glamour Magazine’s video series, ‘You Sang My Song’, where Shawn was impressed and visibly moved at her cover of his Grammy-nominated track “In My Blood”, commenting “Alexandra, you are incredible and your voice is awesome”. 

This is a 19+ event, with tickets available online only via Ticketweb. No backpacks or large bags are permitted at this event, and the venue is not wheelchair-accessible. Doors open at 7 pm, with the show beginning at 8 pm.