The Tea Lounge is not letting COVID steal our holiday JOY! This Santa photo shoot experience will be a cheeky and fun 2020 keepsake!As we face a holiday season like no other before it, The Tea Lounge is creating an experience to make the most of it, have some fun, make it memorable in the most playful of ways, and still be respectful and safe in these uncertain times!At the centre of experience bundle is a private mini-photoshoot with the REAL Santa! You will receive 5-6 fun keepsake photos to commemorate 2020 (photos by Chanelle Burel Photography) . Photo shoot can be for 2, 3 or 4 people of the same household or bubble. The experience is completed with some tea & treats and some shopping at The Tea Lounge!You can use this event to book your CO-HO-HO-HO-VID Santa Experience. Click a timeslot below to confirm your spot. There are 10 time slots available. The base price is for 2 adults (up to 2 more adults can be added on when purchasing your ticket).Each timeslot/experience includes:
– A private, professional (digital SLR) mini photo shoot in our heated outdoor tent with Chanelle Burel Photography (Masks must be worn. We want to keep Santa safe!). The photo vignette involves you having tea with Santa 2metres apart (since no one can be close him this year except Mrs. Claus).
– Tea2Go and a fresh baked scone per person � to enjoy after your mini photo shoot.
– $15 shopping store credit toward purchase of tea, food, teaware, or any of our unique & local products. Store credit to be redeemed on same day.
Please help us ensure this is a safe event for everyone and protects our community. All guests must sign-in for contact tracing upon arrival and follow the current Middlesex London Health Unit rules, including hand sanitizing and wearing mandatory wearing of masks indoors (including in the tent) except to eat or drink. Please do not visit if you have been out of country, are in a quarantine period, have symptoms or have come in contact with another person of known or suspected COVID19.How will I get my photos?
-Chanelle Burel Photography will email you your digital photos to the email provided when you register. You should receive them within 48 hours.We are a family of 5, is there any way we can squeeze in one more person?
-Honouring the requirement for safe physical distancing between Santa, the photographer and the photo subjects, there is only enough space for 4 adults in the photo. However, if your 5th person is a small child (under 4 feet) who can stand in front, that will work.
-We thank-you for arriving at the event aware of the rules and prepared to be respectful of public safety. It’s everyone’s responsibility to help protect the vulnerable in the community. For this reason there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to include more than 4 adults in one photo (sorry). The Tea Lounge and Chanelle Burel Photography reserve the right to refuse any party who does not or cannot comply with mask wearing and safe physical distancing on the day of the event (No refunds).