When someone thinks of a downtown, often the first thing that comes to their mind is a densely populated area with a mix of businesses, restaurants, and sidewalks. An abundance of nature and green space is often something people typically do not associate with their downtown and reserve for more rural areas. 

In London, the idea that green space is only for rural areas could not be less true. With an official nickname of The Forest City, downtown does not fall short in its offerings of greenspaces. 

First, we have Victoria Park, located in the heart of downtown at 580 Clarence St. This is one of the most popular nature greenspaces in the city. Home to a large number of festivals in the city its natural beauty cannot be forgotten. With beautiful tree-lined paths, grass fields, and seating locations it’s a wonderful place to venture to. We recommend grabbing takeout from a local restaurant, ice cream from a nearby shop, or a coffee from a cafe and heading down to the park with a picnic blanket. Oftentimes you will find buskers playing music in this area as well! 

Second, we have Harris Park, located at 531 Ridout St. Famous for its plethora of festivals and concerts it is a highly frequented spot. Aside from events, Harris Park contains some wonderful landscapes and is located along the Thames River. With wide large paths (Thames Valley Parkway), open fields, and a Riverview it’s a great place to connect to nature. We recommend taking a break from your office (or work from home office) to enjoy a quick walk or lunch in the park here!

The third is Thames Valley Parkway. This park is quite unique as it is not solely situated in the downtown core. With it coming in at 43 kilometers in length it sprawls to many parts of London. Made up of a large tree-lined path it runs alongside the famous Thames river. It’s a great place to take a relaxing stroll, bike, or run when you visit! 

Fourth is Ivey Park, also located along the river. This park houses incredible green spaces. With large trees for shade and open fields, it’s the perfect place for a sunny day. Not only is its natural beauty a draw but it is also home to a wonderful playground and splash pad! A perfect destination for summer fun and a cool down. We’d recommend this park for a day that you’d like to soak in some quiet time and get away from the bustle of city life.

Finally, we have Ann Street Park, another park located along the river. This park is home to wide paths for biking, running, and walking. Also, long fields and greenspace accompany the paths. The perfect place for a peaceful stroll in the heart of the city.