With her 2008 recording Tout Passe, Order of Canada recipient and Grammy winning soprano, Suzie LeBlanc revisited the uprooting of her Acadian ancestors through song and tested the theme of Mouvance, or ‘migration’ as it applied to her own life, having left her native Nouveau-Brunswick at the age of 16 ‘like a migratory bird’ to explore the larger world.

Through a tapestry of Baroque music and Acadian folk songs chosen while she was walking the 800 miles of the Compostela, Suzie will tell a story circling the Atlantic of her ancestors, their Great Upheaval in 1755 and the indomitable spirit of Acadian culture as it continues to thrive to this day.   

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*In-person: $47 Regular, $65 Premium, $17 Student (plus processing fee & HST)

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