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Walking or Cycling?

The City of London has put together a handy map indicating the best walking trails and cycling lanes. The bike & walk maps are produced to help cyclists, walkers and hikers navigate the city with ease. They are popular resources for both residents and tourists. They help Londoners and visitors build a sustainable city and strengthen our community.

Cycling Map

Public Transit

Every major transit route runs through downtown for your convenience!

All LTC conventional service routes are now designated “Accessible”. This means that every scheduled bus on each route will be a low-floor accessible bus. The low floor bus creates greater opportunity for access to regular transit for many more people. Our Operators are trained to recognize the need for, offer and provide assistance when necessary within the boarding and securement areas of the bus.

Here's some fun facts about our transit system:
-Over 23 million passengers per year
-Over 94 garage and maintenance employees
-Over 217 buses in fleet
-Over 2,200 bus stops
-Over 350 operators, inspectors and dispatchers
-Over 400 bus shelters

Find Your Route
Streetscape of Richmond Row
Streetscape of Dundas Place

Parking Options

Did you Know?

From York Street to Queens Ave and from Ridout to Wellington on-Street Metered parking is FREE after 6pm Monday to Friday.

On-Street metered parking is FREE for 2 Hours on Saturdays.

On-Street metered parking is FREE ALL DAY on Sundays.

There are 40 parking lots downtown not including street parking spaces!

You can buy a monthly pass through Impark.

Find the Nearest Parking Use the Interactive Map