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Downtown for the Holidays

(Dec. 2 – Dec. 31) BIA Survey

Survey goal: In order to increase city vibrancy through various positive initiatives, we need to understand what is important to our BIA and why. For us to make informed decisions for future events, we need to know what worked, what didn’t, and where there is still room for improvement. We feel that we’ll be able to better support future events from hearing about your unique individual experience below.  

Confidentiality: We will keep all information collected from this survey confidential. We will not disclose or provide any personal information collected to any third-party entities.

Brief event description: Downtown for the Holidays 2022 was a collaborative event that spanned the month of December and was coordinated by Downtown London, Covent Garden Market, Tourism London, Dundas Place, and the City of London. Our aim was to bring people to our downtown core to experience positive festive event programming, creating lasting memories and interactions with and among our diverse community of businesses in order to increase familiarity and increased positive interactions.
Event website:

Nominations are Open!

Best of London 2023

Deadline to redeem Core Area Dollars

Note: If you still have OUT & ABOUT Cards and/or Construction Dollars to redeem, please drop them off at our 123 King St. office for reimbursement by end-of-day on Friday, January 20th.

Brier Cup Marketing Materials

The 2023 Tim Hortons Brier runs from March 3-12th, 2023 in Downtown London at Budweiser Gardens. Tickets sales are currently going well and thousands are expected to be in the core during this time. 

In collaboration with Tourism London, we are asking downtown member businesses for the opportunity to receive some promotional content for the 2023 Tim Hortons Brier to display at your location.

The promotional kit includes the following Brier-themed materials:

  • Posters with all event-related details
  • Coasters for tables/bar tops (available for restaurants only)
  • Tent cards for tables/bar tops (available for restaurants only)
  • Brier Window decals
  • Event guidebook which includes draw schedule, important event details, curling facts, etc.

There is no cost associated with participating in this program, but kits will be issued on a first come, first served basis due to limited quantities.

If you have questions about the Brier, please reach out to Aaron McMillan (Downtown London Events & Marketing Manager) at

Ideas like window dressings and curling themed promotions are also encouraged to help draw attendees to your location!

Workplace Naloxone Program

Naloxone kit

On June 1, 2023, at-risk employers will be required by legislation to ensure their workplaces have life-saving naloxone kits and workers are trained on how to use them.

This includes employers who become aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, that there may be a risk of an opioid overdose in their workplace, i.e., if a worker discloses an opioid use issue, if needles or other opioid paraphernalia are found at the workplace, or if they are otherwise given information that would lead them to reasonably conclude there is a risk of an overdose in the workplace.

Businesses with questions about their responsibilities under the legislation can visit

For up to two years, the Workplace Naloxone Program provides at-risk employers with access to free training for up to two workers and one nasal spray naloxone kit for each eligible workplace. Separately, individuals can also contact their local pharmacy to receive a naloxone kit.

Queens Ave. and Ridout St.

Construction Update

Get your event included in the monthly

Downtown Calendar!

January event calendar

Is your business putting on a public event in the upcoming months? Do you know of any public events you want to share with the community?

Submitting your downtown London-based event to the Tourism London website will ensure it’s included in the following Monthly Events Calendar! 

Important: You must submit your event happening to the Tourism London website before the 15th of the previous month to be included in the next month (Ex: you have an event in February, submit it before January 15). Your email will go directly to the team who will review this information. Please be advised if the event is outside of the downtown core, it may not qualify as a Downtown London event, and therefore not be included within the Monthly Events Calendar.

Downtown Dollar Gift Cards

Downtown Dollars encourage local spending and are a great gift for the “tough to shop for” people in your life. Sign up here to receive Downtown Dollar Gift Cards as a method of payment from customers. Reach out to for gift card set up and assistance!

Financial Assistance

Click here for information grants and loans available to small businesses.