“It is important to Keep London Local because anything London, Ontario Made is a benefit to the entire community. It supports our friends, neighbours, businesses, and it makes a big difference in all of our families’ lives.”

Mario Chirico is the owner and operator of Diamani Jewellers, a multi-generational jewellery business in the heart of the city. We sat down (virtually) with the Master Goldsmith to learn more about his Downtown London shop and the story behind it.

Mario opened Diamani Jewellers in 1999 at the same location it resides in today, 432 Clarence Street. He has been the owner and operator for the last 22 years. As a teenager Mario grew up working at his parent’s jewellery store, and has since continued his life-long training as a goldsmith, gem setter, and jewellery designer. “After the first year of schooling I knew I wanted to continue” Mario says, “A career in jewellery is a noble trade”.

Diamani Jewellers is a story of success that has been brought on by hardwork and dedication to the jeweler field. Mario arrived in London in 1987 to work as an assistant manager at a jewellery store. “People create great sentimental memories through the purchase and ownership of jewellery,” explains Mario, “so I wanted to learn about the design and the creation part of that jewellery.” He later took an apprenticeship at a jewellery workshop which allowed him to stay in London, where he opened Diamani Jewellers 12 years later. 

A printed photo of Mario Chirico and his family is held up in front of his storefront on 432 Clarence Street, Diamani Jewellers
The wonderful Chirico family.

Mario’s store offers Londoners the opportunity to have their jewellery made locally, from start to finish. He is a Master goldsmith and even hand draws the sketches and designs for clients who want to create custom pieces. “I want to give customers a luxurious experience.” Diamani Jewellers offers that unique factor: a specialized experience you can’t get anywhere else. “I think it’s important when two people are dealing with love that they can celebrate – by creating a significant, memorable piece of jewellery for milestones in their lives.” 

The storefront is best suited for downtown, according to Mario. “It is very vibrant in a very compact area”. The location allows Diamani Jewellers to be near competitors, which gives customers the experience of walking around in the heart of downtown, seeing all the unique offerings of each store. “The Downtown Core is where the heartbeat of the city lies. It brings people together as a community”.

“It is important to Keep London Local because anything London, Ontario made is a benefit to the entire community. We support our friends, neighbours, businesses, and it makes a big difference in our families’ lives.” 

Mario Chirico, Diamani Jewellers

It even brings together neighbouring businesses. Mario speaks highly of his next door neighbour Pfaff Jewellers, whom he has purchased multiple watches from. “We are specialists at our own crafts, so we draw people to this area.” Mario recalls that when he was becoming a goldsmith, Pfaff Jewellers’s Donald was learning about watch-making. “I am very fortunate to have had them as a great neighbour for 22 years”.

Diamani Jewellers is a generational business that has evolved with the jewellery industry, but there is one thing that will never change: “I treat people with respect, kindness, and a smile.” And you can’t put a price tag on that.

If you would like to get in contact with Mario Chirico to design your dream jewellery, you can find Diamani Jewellers listed in our directory and on our Online Marketplace. Want to learn more about other local businesses? Our Stories section is updated every week as part of our Keep London Local campaign. Thank you for continuing to support the London community.