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Temporary Patios

The following is information on the processes for creating new and extended patios this year, given the AGCO’s temporary changes to liquor licenses. There are 2 different processes you can share with your members depending where the patio is proposed.

What you need to know:
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has recently allowed, on a temporary basis, new and expanded patios on both public and private property. For any inquiries related to liquor licenses, please contact the AGCO directly.

The City of London is similarly making our rules more flexible for the 2020 season and allows for two types of patio extensions:

· Public property – on a sidewalk, boulevard or on-street parking space adjacent to your business
· Private property - within a parking lot or other location on your own property

How to get started:

Patio on PUBLIC Property
Contact Tony Staltari, Realty Services at tstaltari@london.ca
You will need to submit the following materials:

1. Name and address of the business
2. A Completed Boulevard Café Application Form
3. Copy of the City of London business licence
4. Third Party liability insurance policy
5. Proof of ownership of property, or if you are a tenant, written permission from the owner of the property
6. A drawing and photo(s) of the sidewalk and boulevard including the building face up to and including the curb, with the following:
a. Location and dimensions of the new or expanded patio;
b. Location of all obstacles in the boulevard including street signs, light poles, hydrants, parking meters, street trees including grates, hydro vaults and man holes, etc.;
c. An unobstructed pedestrian walkway (min 1.5m) passing by the patio with dimensions from all obstacles, curb and buildings labeled.
Additional information may be required on a site-by-site basis.
The Sidewalk Patio Process and Standards manual can provide additional information on other design and setback requirements.

Patio on PRIVATE Property
Contact Nicole Musicco, Development & Compliance at nmusicco@london.ca

You will need to submit the following materials:
1. Name and address of the business
2. A drawing of the property and building including the dimensions of the expanded patio
3. Photo(s) of where you are proposing the patio expansion.

A reminder that you can also reach out to the Back to Business Task Force at B2B@london.ca for any questions you have about other City supports, processes and services.

Group sitting at a patio