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Member Discounts

Swish Logo

Swish Maintenance Discount

Downtown London BIA members receive discounted pricing.

Alarmtech Logo

Alarmtech Discount

Individualized discount based on product and service:
alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control.
Alarm Response information

Sunrise Logo

Sunrise Rollups and Shades Discount

Sunrise Rollups and Shades offers security, energy savings,
and protection to businesses.
Discounts available for Downtown London BIA members on a case-by-case basis.

Provincial Logo

Provincial Glass Discount

Provincial Glass offers 24hr Emergency Service, including board-ups and temporary glazing.
Mention your Downtown London BIA membership
for a 10% discount.

NSM Logo

NSM Brand Media Discount

NSM Brand Media is a co-creative coaching, consulting, and service agency that helps
small-to-midsize businesses succeed with strategic social media marketing and content creation.
They offer curated and enhanced packages for Downtown London BIA members.

Other services we can provide:

  • Downtown London Grants

    Property Damage Grant 2023 - Learn More.

  • Downtown Dollars - Gift Cards

    A great corporate or personal gift, Downtown Dollars - Gift Cards encourage local spending. Downtown Dollars come in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, $200 & $500 and they can be spent almost anywhere downtown! You can purchase Downtown Dollars at our office at 123 King Street and online in our Marketplace. A list of participating businesses are listed on our website.

    For Consumers: Downtown Dollars can be redeemed at many of our merchants. Please inquire prior to your purchase or meal with the merchant that you hope to spend Downtown Dollars so that they are aware that this will be your method of payment.

    For Merchants: Downtown Dollars are redeemable for 100% of their face value to merchants who are members of Downtown London. Simply drop by our office at 123 King Street Monday-Friday between 8:30am-4:30pm and we can write you your cheque immediately.

    If you are interested in purchasing Downtown Dollars or require further information please contact Vicki at Vicki@downtownlondon.ca

  • Marketing Initiatives

    Downtown London has a robust marketing program, showcasing the boundary as a whole and working to increase feet on the street and traffic to your business. As part of this program, members can reach out for assistance with the following:

    Hosting a special event, promotion, or sale? Reach out to us and share your news so that we can promote it across our social media channels and newsletters! Tag Downtown London in your social media posts so that we can share them to our following.

    We are always happy to drop by and take some photos or videos of your business when you get a new product, create a beautiful window display, or want to highlight what makes your business unique! These photos can be used for social media or future marketing campaigns.

    Want to add a special touch to your grand opening? Why not borrow our giant scissors and ribbon for a ribbon cutting ceremony! We are happy to attend and promote your event across our platforms!

    We will publish your businesses contact information in our online directory so that you receive as much exposure as possible! You can find this directory right here on our website.

    We want to share your story! Reach out to us to have a blog post written about your business and the people who bring it to life.

    If your business is having a special promotion, you need assistance with social media, or would like to participate in any of the above initiatives please contact Jocelynn at jocelynn@downtownlondon.ca.

  • Placemaking & Public Spaces Initiatives

    As a member, you benefit from a variety of placemaking & public spaces initiatives. We work to beautify our neighbourhood with flowers, winter greenery, banners, holiday decorations, and more!

    We also organize public art projects, pop-up activities, and sponsor events to make the downtown a more vibrant and exciting place to be.

    Hosting an event in the downtown? Contact us to see if you qualify for sponsorship funding!

    For more information on Placemaking & Public Spaces initiatives please contact Hailey at hailey@downtownlondon.ca.

  • Clean Team

    The Clean Team works to ensure the downtown is looking its best! They spend their days sweeping up cigarettes, picking up garbage, and lending a helping hand with general cleanliness. They can also help with graffiti removal.

    For more information, please contact Hailey at hailey@downtownlondon.ca.

  • London's Digital Service Squard

    The Digital Main Street Squad is a team of trained students and/or recent graduates with strong Technology and Digital Marketing skills and experiences that communities can access to provide to their business members.

    Through the Digital Main Street Squad businesses receive targeted support to get started, grow their digital presence and grow their business.

    Click here to view all the available services.

  • City of London Funding Programs

    The following loans and grants are available to businesses located in the Downtown Community Improvement Plan. Please email CIPincentives@london.ca for more details.

    FACADE IMPROVEMENT LOAN - City of London Program
    A loan from the City to improve building facades, including upgrades to windows, doors, brick repair, painting, lighting, and signage that is affixed to the façade. The loan will cover 50% of the cost of the improvements — up to a maximum of $50,000. This loan can be paid back at 0% interest over a 10-year period. In certain areas, a portion of the loan may be forgivable.

    UPGRADE TO BUILDING CODE LOAN - City of London Program
    A loan from the City for improvements to the interior of your building, including upgrades related to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mechanical, roof, fire protection systems, and other Building Code related work. The loan will cover 50% of the cost of the improvements — up to a maximum of $200,000. This loan can be paid back at 0% interest over a 10-year period. In certain areas, a portion of the loan may be forgivable.

    CORE AREA SAFETY AUDIT GRANT - City of London Program
    This program is focused on assisting property owners and tenants with making safety improvements to their building by assisting with a portion of the cost associated with exterior lighting, exterior security cameras, and storefront gates to close front entrance alcoves and recessed entryways when the ground floor business is closed or the building is vacant. The one-time grant will cover 50% of the cost of the improvements — up to a maximum of $10,000.

    CORE AREA BOULEVARD CAFE GRANT - City of London Program
    This program is intended to reduce the financial burden on business owners who operate sidewalk patios. This grant program eliminates the administrative and licence fees related to the operation of a patio on the public right-of-way. To be eligible for the program, the applicant must either apply for a Boulevard Café Permit or have an existing Permit with a Licence Agreement.

    CORE AREA SIGN GRANT - City of London Program
    This program is designed to offset administrative and licence fees related to sign permits, including the encroachment of signs on a City street or road allowance. Eligible fees that will be granted through the program include applications fees associated with Sign Permits, Encroachment Agreements for signs, and Annual Encroachment Licence Fees for signs. To be eligible, the applicant must apply for a new Sign Permit or have an existing Encroachment Agreement for a sign.

  • Provincial Government Grants

    Here, you will find a list of potential sources of funding in Ontario that your business may be eligible for. Learn more.

  • Federal Government Grants

    Here, you will find a list of potential sources in Canada of funding that your business may be eligible for. Learn more.

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