Natasha Sumner is a true artisan with a passion for beauty, design and detail. Since 2012, she has been the owner/operator of Forget-Me-Not Flowers in Covent Garden Market. As you enter the market from the west doors, there is an alluring explosion of colour, fragrant greenery and a mix of merry gifts waiting to be purchased. The open concept shop provides a unique sensory experience “My customers can grab a flower, touch and smell it before deciding to buy it.”

The delightful combination floral/gift shop sits on the site of the first flower store in downtown. Sumner sentimentally keeps an old bucket from Sharratt Flowers behind her counter as a tribute of years past. She whole- heartedly enjoys the comaraderie among the other merchants at the market as it “feels like a family.”

Sumner had always wanted to run her own small business. She had worked as a home stager prior to discovering the art of floral design. Working first as as employee at the store, she sought an opportunity for a new career path by a family member. Driven by her creative instincts, she enrolled in a two-year Floral Design program at Fanshawe College.

Forget-Me-Not Flowers is known for gorgeous floral designs. Sumner carefully listens to her customers. “I ask them to tell me about their loved ones so that I can derive inspiration from their life stories.” The end result is deeply personal, -exquisite arrangements and bouquets that truly represent the individual.

Weddings, funerals, showers, corporate events, Forget-Me-Not has flowers has many return clients and even customers from all over the world thanks to a strong on-line presence. They carry so much more than flowers. There are a wide array of plants such as tropicals, carnivores, succulents, bonsai and air plants. You will get expert advice on how to care for them whether you wish to buy a full-sized tree to a tiny palm sized-plant. The gift-wear is an eclectic mix of high-quality items sourced locally such as sturdy umbrellas, fine pottery to dream catchers.

Natasha Sumner will soon be branching out to do more work in her community. She recently became a published author in a book of inspiration stories entitled. “Courage for Freedom” Look for copies soon to appear at the store.

Contact Forget-Me-Not Flowers (519)850-3300