Located at 236 Dundas Street, you’ll find Grooves Records, an indie record store that keeps the indescribable charm and tradition of vinyl alive.

Whether you’re in search of new or used vinyl, CDs and music DVDs, magazines, record players, t-shirts, or just a cool place to check-out, Grooves has something for everyone. 

Troy Hutchison, owner of Grooves, will be celebrating 15 years of being in business this year, and feels that there is nothing better than riffing through a stack of records. 

“I wanted to keep the record store tradition going and now we have one of the deepest inventories,” says Hutchison. 

Grooves also has their own record label called “Grooves Records Records” that is well-known for focusing on local bands and covering the costs that come with recording music. 

Additionally, Grooves hosts local bands as well as touring acts who play in their front windows.  

“We have ‘meet and greets’ with touring bands as well as live music in the store to promote local talent. It’s just overall a fun place to be,” says Hutchison. 

Every April, Grooves also celebrates ‘Record Store Day’ by hosting musical acts, having deals on records and exclusive releases, and in the past a costume contest and album cover art contest for kids. 

“It’s one of our busiest days throughout the year and it brings music lovers together for some fun and to get their hands on some exclusive releases,” Hutchison says. 

There’s a special feeling that comes with holding an album in your hands, pulling a record off a shelf that you haven’t heard in years or have forgotten about, or putting your favourite album art on display in your home to show your musical personality.  Vinyl is alive and well in Downtown London! Check out their Facebook page or Instagram to see their latest and greatest!