On 258 Dundas Street in downtown London, you’ll find Jonathon’s, a beautiful ceramic art gallery that was established in 2000, which happens to be the largest of its kind in Canada.

The 4,500 square foot gallery is owned and operated by Jonathon Bancroft-Snell, and managed by his right-hand man Brian Cooke. The two have been working together since 2004 and were brought together as a result of Galleria Revitalization effort-initiated program. 

“The Gallery has evolved into a Mecca for ceramic collectors and our aim is to provide a nation-wide representation of Canadian ceramics,” says Bancroft-Snell. 

Jonathon’s showcases talent from over 125 of Canada’s top ceramic artists and is a prime destination for museum directors, connoisseurs and curators, as well as someone looking for a unique teapot. 

The Gallery showcases pieces from woodturner Doug Magrath, Bronze sculptor George Shadford, Fibre artist Nancy Latchford, as well as a wide selection of Canada’s leading silversmiths. 

“My interest in ceramic emerged from Wedgewood in England, and I wanted to help people create significant collections,” says Bancroft-Snell, “People have an experience when they walk in the door and we act as a patron for artists.” 

In terms of exhibitions, each year, Jonathon’s hosts a variety, housed in their own private hall. From solo exhibitions to group exhibitions, and with a specific theme culminating every five years in “Matter of Clay,” their largest exhibition, Jonathon’s has held over 250 shows.  

“A unique aspect to Jonathon’s is that we showcase major exhibition pieces as well as ‘repeat’ pieces, by which many artists earn their living,” says Cooke, “we’re also very tactile here, you can touch the pieces, and we also cater to all audiences.” At Jonathon’s, there are pieces that suit every pocket. 

For upcoming exhibitions, visit Jonathon’s website, as well as monthly newsletters on their Youtube channel and Instagram.