“I want people to rediscover the idea of a community and matching a face to a name is so important.” -Milos Kral, Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium

Milos Kral, owner and operator of Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium, offers a stellar selection of craft beer and amazing food at 420 Talbot Street in downtown London.

“Here, you’re required to talk to one another and forget about the screens we sit behind all day,” says Kral, “The brewery world is about people and connections – and that’s what it’s about here.” 

Milos Kral was born in Czech Republic and moved to Canada in hopes of bringing quality beer and creative ideas to a business of his own. From a hospitality and management background, Milos has been in the business for 45 years. 

“When I came to Canada, the beer was bland, and I decided to follow my own crazy ideas despite what the ‘haters’ said. Everyone likes good food and good beer, so here we are,” Kral says. 

Kral says his mission is to get people to interact with each other, “I want people to rediscover the idea of a community and matching a face to a name is so important.” When you walk into Milos’, on the wall there are many pictures of other brewers and connections he’d made within the industry, “I can tell you every single person’s name and that there is a handshake behind that,” says Kral. 

It helps to enter Milos with an open mind to sample the wide selection of beer made available. It is estimated that over 1800 beers have appeared on their rotating projector screen menu.

Kral donned a different costume everyday to announce his specials when COVID-19 restrictions hit. Many of his customers grew to look forward to his daily videos for a much needed boost.

If you’re looking for a pint of carefully picked beer, a killer cheeseburger, or a place to have a conversation with your pals, Milos’ is the place to check-out! 

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