“Go out and support your neighbours… shop local and get to know what is offered next door.” – Hamoody Hassan, Hassan Law

Hamoody Hassan loves to repurpose old things, evidence of the beautifully restored Chisolm Building that houses the law firm located at 142 Dundas Street. The tall and slender polished brick façade elegantly beams with a graceful confidence between Talbot and Richmond Streets.

Hassan Law is situated on the newly completed “Dundas Place” flexible street. Saving the building from near demolition, is not only a symbol of strength for his firm, Hamoody says “it’s a sign of the renewal of downtown.” Touring the Hassan Law offices, there is an unmistakable feeling of warmth and generosity from everyone you meet. Incredible care has gone into making the building as accessible as possible for staff and the general public.

The Hassan Law Community Gallery has hosted many exciting events in the main floor such as art shows, tango dancers, craft beer festivals and will hope to continue these efforts including pop up business opportunities to help promote, and incubate local small businesses as soon as permitted by the local health authorities. 

An admitted heritage buff, Hamoody once aspired to be a history professor. He happened upon his chosen profession after he tagged along with a friend writing his law exam. To his surprise, he scored high marks and he soon discovered a new career path as a lawyer. Law has been Hamoody’s passion for over forty years. Working with a team of lawyers and law clerks has allowed him to not simply serve his clients but also advance important community causes.

A printed photo of Hamoody Hassan and his family is held up in front of the Hassan Law building.
The Hassans.

As a firm focusing on trial work and estate planning, particularly in areas of family & divorce, personal injury, including motor vehicle and slip and fall, wrongful dismissal and employment law, as well as advising business professionals on strategic courses of action, Hassan Law has built an excellent reputation with their team ready to serve their clients. 

There’s a focus to attract new clients in the coming year and make Hassan Law’s legal services more accessible to the public. Watch for a range of new retainer options coming, including hourly, contingency and fixed fees and limited retainers. Though some conditions will apply hopefully the public will enjoy greater choices for a range of lawyers. 

“Go out and support your neighbours,” Hamoody says. “shop local and get to know what is offered next door.”  

We could not agree more with Hamoody’s philosophy. We love having Hassan Law in our downtown. To book an appointment, contact the office by phone at 519-432-4442 or email hassan@hassanlaw.com.

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