When you walk into Dan Hasson Clothier, located at 320 Dundas Street, Dan himself will greet you with a warm smile.  This unique business has been located in London for 44 years and specializes in Canadian Made tailored clothing.

Dan’s passion not only shines within the four walls of his business, but also in the community at large. He cares deeply about community and being involved in the revitalization of our core. So much so that he even served as the Board of Directors Chair for the LDBA in 1996. 

The history of how Dan Hasson Clothier began business is rich. Dan grew up in the small town of Dresden, Ontario where there were three menswear stores. In high school, he worked in one of these menswear stores, arguably the most “high end” of them all. This is where his love of the industry began. He later attended St. Clair to complete a business degree and soon became an assistant buyer at the Grafton Group.

A printed photo of Dan Hasson and his family is held up in front of his storefront

As the retail landscape changed over time, Dan found himself being asked to purchase cheaper product and increase the mark up…something that he felt went against his morals. Dan believes in great product, reasonable prices, and excellent services.  Wanting to practice those beliefs rather than searching for ways to make the highest profit margin, Dan opened his first location in White Oaks Mall (1976). 

In 1995, Dan decided that he wanted be be part of the rejuvenation of downtown and moved into a street level business. Shortly after, he moved to a space inside what is now called Citi Plaza (1998-2009).  But something was missing for Dan…he wanted to move back out onto the street where he could see what was happening and truly be immersed in the downtown community. His business is now located on Dundas Street across from the Delta Hotel where he is able to get a front row seat to all of the happenings. 

Dan Hasson in clothing shop

Dan’s business focuses on a personalized experience for the shopper. In each of his dealings, Dan focuses on value…wanting to provide the best bang for your buck but ensure that you end up with a quality product that suits you as an individual. 

If you would like to get in contact with the one and only Dan Hasson, you can find Dan Hasson Clothier listed in our directory. Want to learn more about other local businesses? Our Stories section is updated every week as part of our Keep London Local campaign. Thank you for continuing to support the London community.