Why is it important to Keep London Local? “We have a wonderful community here, we are a place where clients come and get to know one another.” – April C., Hi-Ignition Fit Lab

Hi- Ignition Fit Lab lives up to its hashtag #Igniteyourfire. The elite boutique fitness facility is located one block east on Oxford at Richmond Street. Owner April C., chose the former McCormick’s Hobby Shop to renovate and repurpose into her dream gym in 2015.

There is a warmth of spirit that resonates from the walls and the staff when you tour Hi-Ignition’s Fit Lab. So much of the space has old world charm, with wooden fixtures, rustic paneling and a unique bar studio in the highest floor of the restored building’s loft space.

The facility is airy with revamped ventilation system and has state of the art equipment and spaces designed for efficiency and purpose to help you achieve your health goals. The workout areas, washrooms, and change rooms are spotless. It’s the perfect mix of modern and cozy for a workout haven. You almost forget you’re about to sweat along side an expert trainer!

A printed photo of April and her family is held up in front of the Hi Ignition Fit Lab sign.
April C and the family behind the biz!

When COVID-19 first hit and fitness facilities were mandated to close, April and her staff pivoted their delivery model immediately. They went to on-line classes, small group fitness, gym equipment and spin bike rentals.

Remaining focused and optimistic, though very difficult at times, the team is determined they will be ready to welcome their customers back in Phase 3. “We have a wonderful community here, we are a place where clients come and get to know one another.” April’s highly organized management team is prepared to handle any challenge. They are truly passionate about their clients. Where else can you find a gym with personalized cubby holes for clients to keep their gym shoes at the facility?

Every age and ability is welcome. Check out their social media for current events and activities. Once restrictions lift, book a high energy spinning class, personal training session or a group fitness class. Contact Hi-Ignition Fit Lab at 519-204-8006. Located at 241 Oxford Street E. Download their free app or visit their website www.hi-ignitionfitlab.com

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